Carpet Sale

Level 1: $1.99 includes Carpet, Pad, and Installation
Level 2: $2.29 includes Carpet, Pad, and Installation
Level 3: $2.59 includes Carpet, Pad, and Installation

Level 1 Shaw Carpet are HIGH QUALITY and DURABLE. Level 2 and 3 Shaw Carpet have MORE manufacturing warranty and BETTER stain preventing technology! 

ALL levels of Shaw Carpet have manufacturing warranty, and each level has multiple styles with various colors

Don't let anyone install your carpet, let our professionals handle it! Best Quality and Floors will install your carpet, back by our 1 Year Warranty. We will remove furniture and old floors, you don't have do any of the work! We will remodel your home to look amazing and new. Don't forget to ask about our cabinets and granite countertops! 


1 Year Warranty on all Remodeling Services done by Best Quality Carpet and Floors. Free Estimates and Appointments!

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