Tile Guide (Porcelain and Ceramic)

Before you buy tile it's important to decide which material you want to use. Porcelain tile and ceramic tile are the most common types of tile, and each one has its own benefits. 

It’s important to note that all porcelain is ceramic but not all ceramic is porcelain. Specifically, porcelain is ceramic that has lower water absorption due to a denser body therefore it’s ideally suited for floors and heavy-traffic areas.

Porcelain Tile:

  • Is considerably denser and more impervious, which means it is more resistant to fluid passing through, making it a great option for areas like the bathroom and kitchen floors.

  • Has a much lower rate of water absorption, so it's suitable for interiors and exteriors in all climates.

  • Is considered frost resistant and has a greater breaking strength.

  • Is fired at extremely high temperatures, becoming 30% harder than natural stone (like granite and marble).

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    Ceramic Tile:

    • Tends to be more cost effective than porcelain, however if the tile is chipped then the clay color underneath will be exposed.

    • Easier to cut than porcelain tile which means it is easier to install, making it a popular option with DIYers and installers.

    • Has more color options and designs available then porcelain tile.

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